College of Chiropractic alumni and faculty member Linda Bowers and fellow student working together in a lab with a microscope.
Chiropractic students at educational booth displaying a free spinal defect survey poster, a slide projector for visitors, informational chiropractic cards, and the schools name on two big place markers.
College of Chiropractic faculty member is working with a student wearing a football helmet to teach a class.
A man in a white lab coats looking at something in a large camera based machine.
Chiropractic students are working together to examine and tape bare feet.
Chiropractic students in class for a lecture.
Chiropractic students working together to read patient x-rays.
One chiropractic student is taking an x-ray from another student.
One man lays on a table while another man attaches equipment to his chest.


This digital collection includes a variety of items that tell the story of the university’s rich history and importance in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.